Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fever is down... but so are his spirits.

White blood cell count is down, fever is down. Praying that continues to improve.
His spirits are down. Please pray for his acceptance.


  1. Tell Angus I said he needs to try and not be so depressed. I know that's probably easier said than done. Who knows why God chose him to let him go through this. But since He did, maybe some other kid is looking up to him as he goes through it. C'mon Angus! I'm sure NO one wants this trial, but think of it as God giving you another chance to live and be an inspiration for someone who may go through something maybe that little 7 year old next to you. If you are down, depressed and scared, maybe she is even more as young as she is. Maybe you can brighten her day somehow, and.that in turn may help you feel better.

    I can always bring your class work to you to try and get your mind off yourself. You can learn all about our United States Legislature. Smile, I'm praying for you to feel better inside and out and hope somehow you won't have to wait too long. Smiles, Mrs. Warren

  2. I was so happy that Angus and Hayden were able to video chat tonight. I hope that helped to lift his spirits.


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