Saturday, March 16, 2013

Shhhhhhh....Angus' Laptop is a Secret.... (queue Mission Impossible Theme)

Just a quick note to Friends and Family, or anyone who may talk to Angus or see him in person. The laptop that is coming for him will not be here for another week or so, but we're still trying to keep it a secret so he is surprised. So when you talk to him, text, email, or communicate.... please don't let on that he's going to get this really great laptop. We've had to steer the conversation away from it several times because people may have said something or asked how he liked it. ;) When it gets here, his Uncle Craig will be loading all of Angus' games and software on it and then we will get it to him. When we deliver it, we'll make sure to take photos and do a post on the blog and probably Facebook to show everyone how excited and appreciative we're sure he'll be.

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