Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cards, Food, or Gifts at the Hospital

Just a quick note to family, friends, and loved ones who visit the hospital and bring food, cards, or gifts. If you bring food, please make sure to label it with a sharpie permanent marker or otherwise non-removable markings. If you bring a card or gift, please make sure to put it directly into the hands of Craig or Jennifer. If Craig and Jennifer are not there, please find whichever responsible family member is present at that time and get it directly into their hands. Do not leave cards or gifts in the waiting area, the Ronald McDonald House area, or any other public accessible area. It's unfortunate to have to say this but some things that were brought in never made it to the family.


  1. You don't know me but I have been praying tons for Angus. I was sort of in the same place a year ago. I will be bringing my little boy up to Shands tomorrow to drop off a picture and visit the nurses. Would it be okay if we dropped of some cards and gifts from friends?
    -Nikki Smith

  2. Nikki, if you'll email your contact info (email/ph) to, I will make sure Jennifer gets it and gets back to you. Thanks - CW.


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