Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Central Florida RC Heli and Multirotor Fest

Angus' Uncle Craig W is organizing an RC Helicopter/Multirotor Fun-Fly Benefit Event. However, he needs to find somewhere to hold the event that can support the number of people expected. This could be a pasture, someones farm, property, etc and would have to be free of charge since this is a benefit. The area needed would need to be:

- Located in Central Florida (Gainesville, Ocala, Jacksonville, and surrounding areas)
- Easily accessible by county or public roads. (Less than 20-30 mins from Interstate would be great)
- Free of trees
- Large enough for approximately 100 or more vehicles to park
- Flat grass (to be used as runway area for RC vehicles)
... more specs to come once we figure them out ;)

There would be RC pilots (possibly with trailers), some vendors such as food/drink, and sponsors. He is also looking for local businesses that would like to help sponsor the event.

For information or to offer help/sponsorship, please send Craig W an email at and put "Central Florida RC Heli and Multirotor Fest" or "CFRHM" in the subject line.

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