Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday @ Noon

Angus got a feeding tube yesterday, feedings are at night and he feels like someone dumped food into his belly. He is still running a low grade fever, nothing bacterial is coming back. He is doing well, walking and sitting in the chair.
His Spirits are Very Low... Pray that changes!


  1. I do not personally know Mr. Angus. I am one of the Bunco Babes that help with the Bunco Tournament for the the Michelle-O-Gram but please know that I am praying for him and keeping him in my daily prayers. I hope that he has a speedy recovery and may God be with all of you through this time. Angela Hunter

  2. What kind of games does Angus like? I want to get him a new game for his new laptop.

    1. Michael, He likes just about everything. He plays a lot of games on "STEAM", which is an online gaming service. They sell gift cards for that service at
      Also, he likes World of Warcraft, which is a monthly service. You can buy World of Warcraft cards for game time at Wal-Mart or Gamestop stores.
      If anyone wants to get him an actual game disc, he likes First Person Shooters, Games like Minecraft, etc.
      Thanks - CW.


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