Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday 03-29-14

I apologize for delayed progression. : ) Angus is getting stronger. He's mostly working toward strength, therapy, healing, and waiting for the right donor. It is in God's hands. He knows when the best time for transplantation is, but Angus is ready. He no longer has a fever, his lungs are getting stronger and he is eating. Protein means healing! Continue to pray and thank you for all of your support.

If any of you want to donate live stock, there is a Livestock Fundraiser for Angus that's been posted on Facebook. Thank you Mike Joyner for jumping in. You are amazing. - Jen

Update from CW:
Just adding info to what Jen said about the Cattle Fundraiser. They have established two drop off stations. Cattle will be accepted on Sunday, April 14, 2013 at Thomas Cattle Company in Williston and there will be a designated pen at Ocala Livestock Market. The cattle at Thomas Cattle will be gathered and hauled to the market on Monday, April 15. The cattle will be the first cattle to sell in April 15th sale. The check will be made payable to Craig Standridge – 100% of these monies will benefit the family. Feel free to call Mike Joyner 352-572-4098 with any questions you have regarding this fund-raiser. Thanks in advance for your help!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Central Florida RC Heli and Multirotor Fest

Angus' Uncle Craig W is organizing an RC Helicopter/Multirotor Fun-Fly Benefit Event. However, he needs to find somewhere to hold the event that can support the number of people expected. This could be a pasture, someones farm, property, etc and would have to be free of charge since this is a benefit. The area needed would need to be:

- Located in Central Florida (Gainesville, Ocala, Jacksonville, and surrounding areas)
- Easily accessible by county or public roads. (Less than 20-30 mins from Interstate would be great)
- Free of trees
- Large enough for approximately 100 or more vehicles to park
- Flat grass (to be used as runway area for RC vehicles)
... more specs to come once we figure them out ;)

There would be RC pilots (possibly with trailers), some vendors such as food/drink, and sponsors. He is also looking for local businesses that would like to help sponsor the event.

For information or to offer help/sponsorship, please send Craig W an email at and put "Central Florida RC Heli and Multirotor Fest" or "CFRHM" in the subject line.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Alienware Laptop Computer is here!

Guess who just had the best present ever!!!! Yep, Angus got his computer and he is so excited . Thank you everyone! Cassie, (nurse) said his facial expression was priceless. (Click photos below to enlarge).

He walked 3 times today and Jen made him do bicep curls with the cardiac monitor because he said he was weak. : )

Update Sunday morning

I know we have not reported lately. He is doing well. Getting up out of bed walking and finally playing on the play station when he can. He is making improvements daily. Bed sore is healing. Pushing protein so it will. Hate to see him hurting.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday 3-23-13 mid afternoon

Angus had a good day. Appetite is increasing and he is getting stronger. He is better at sitting for infer periods of time and walking. Continue to pray!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday 3-21-13

I cannot stress enough how grateful Craig and I are for the dinner all of you have provided for our children. I cannot imagine trying to go to the grocery store, cooking, etc. our heart goes out to all of you. Thank you Tonya for keeping the kids A students! Could not live without you.

Angus had a great day, his spirits are getting better, he walked around nursing unit twice and initiated it on his own! Way to go Angus.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday afternoon

He is in a great mood! Laughing with the staff, asking their blood type! Be careful not to tell him you are A-... Lol! He has also learned how to set off his Berlin alarm. He told Christen (nurse) he was doing it to annoy her. : ) Walked 2 laps around the whole unit and sat for several hours. Getting A spa treatment now! Who could argue with that.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday evening

Angus just ordered up French fries and a coke... From McDonalds! Shands does not sell coke, nor is there a McDonalds here... ! : ) The urine catheter was removed. He walked a lap around the unit and is very much awake. : )

Tuesday 3-19-13 update

Angus is feeling pain from the chest tube, but he is playing words with friends with me and he is about to get of of bed.
He is feeding himself and talking to a friend he has made since he has been in here.
Gwen (chief flight nurse) at ShandsCair sent him a Seminole flag... Made his day! Gave big smiles, which made ours. : )

Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday morning

Angus had a set back. Placed on Bipap to help his breathing and hopefully push some fluid out of the lung. Probably a chest tube placement today, also a CT scan of chest and abdomen. Foley catheter placed.

Jen to Human Translation:
Bipap - Delivers air through the mask to be set at one pressure for inhaling and another for exhaling. If anyone has or knows someone who suffers from Sleep Apnea, this is the mask that is worn over their nose while they sleep.
Chest Tube - Flexible plastic tube that is inserted through the chest wall and into the area surrounding each lung. It is used to remove air, fluid, or pus from the chest cavity.
Foley Catheter - Urinary catheter.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday evening

Regressed a day! Right lung full of fluid, continuous diuretic in hopes to drain the lung. His oxygen saturation dropped and they placed him On oxygen. He does not like the incentive spirometer, but we are pushing in at well as an EZ pap. He was upset with the nurse and myself... Because we made him get up out of bed, walk and tried to make him eat. We are only hard because we care! Sore on his back side is sloughing, so now very painful. Nana came in and force fed him. Yay Nana!!! Continue to pray : ) thank you.

Jen to Human Translation:
Continuous Diuretic - Drug/Drug that cause increased passing of urine.
Oxygen Saturation - The ratio of oxyhemoglobin to the total concentration of hemoglobin present in the blood. Oxyhemoglobin is the bright red hemoglobin that is a combination of hemoglobin and oxygen from the lungs. Hemoglobin is an iron-containing protein, bound to red blood cells and makes up nearly all the oxygen presence. Hemoglobin is responsible for transporting oxygen from lungs to other parts of the body, where the oxygen can be used by other cells.
Incentive Spirometer - Angus has to breathe in from the Incentive Spirometer as slowly and as deeply as possible, then holds his breath for 2-6 seconds. A gauge shows how well his lungs are functionaing. He has to do many repetitions a day while a therapist measures his progress.
EZ pap - Similar in function to the Incentive Spirometer, but it's regulated by the Respiratory Therapist.
Sloughing - Dropoff;Shed.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday evening update

Angus is a new person today. Prayers are working. He is playing games, eating and talking a bit more. He took several walking trips around the unit today. He is less weak and the fever is also down.
Thank you for the prayers, donations and support (whatever kind you are giving). We appreciate all the support we have gotten. Our 4 kids are being taken care of in every way possible. Craig and I could not feel any more blessed.

Shhhhhhh....Angus' Laptop is a Secret.... (queue Mission Impossible Theme)

Just a quick note to Friends and Family, or anyone who may talk to Angus or see him in person. The laptop that is coming for him will not be here for another week or so, but we're still trying to keep it a secret so he is surprised. So when you talk to him, text, email, or communicate.... please don't let on that he's going to get this really great laptop. We've had to steer the conversation away from it several times because people may have said something or asked how he liked it. ;) When it gets here, his Uncle Craig will be loading all of Angus' games and software on it and then we will get it to him. When we deliver it, we'll make sure to take photos and do a post on the blog and probably Facebook to show everyone how excited and appreciative we're sure he'll be.

Angus has a P.O. Box

Several people were asking via messages and email if there was a postal address they could send cards/gifts to  or mail donations (instead of online) . There is now a P.O box set up in Keystone Heights for Angus.

Angus Standridge
P.O. Box 1031
Keystone Heights, Florida

Fever is down... but so are his spirits.

White blood cell count is down, fever is down. Praying that continues to improve.
His spirits are down. Please pray for his acceptance.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday @ Noon

Angus got a feeding tube yesterday, feedings are at night and he feels like someone dumped food into his belly. He is still running a low grade fever, nothing bacterial is coming back. He is doing well, walking and sitting in the chair.
His Spirits are Very Low... Pray that changes!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

March 14th

Angus slept really well last night and woke up to eat a pretty good breakfast. The doctors were going to put a feeding tube down if he didn't start eating better. He is making a galant effort to do so. He looks better today than he has looked in a long time. Thanks again for everyone's support.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday morning

Good morning/afternoon. late blog, but Angus and I slept in (well deserved). He woke up for a little walk, sat in the chair for an hour,  then got a spa treatment. Gotta love a nurse. Still very little appetite. Please pray that his appetite picks up.
Thanks, Jen

Personal or Private Info

Family and Friends. Just a note to make sure you don't include any personal or private info in the comments you post to this blog. It's a public blog and people out there are employed by companies that scour the internet for information such as this to be sold for contact and marketing purposes. There are also individuals and criminal organizations that use this same information for identity theft, or other nefarious purposes. So any posts with phone numbers or the names and location of minor children will not post. If you want to get any messages to Jen and Craig with that information, please email and we will pass that information to them a quick as we can. Thanks - CW.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Angus had a busy day...

Angus had a busy day, walked a little twice, whipped Craig's butt in call of duty, lot and sat in the chair for several hours. He is tuckered out...sleeping now. He is coming to terms with the heart transplant. God has a plan.

Angus versus Usain Bolt?

Angus got up and walked today for the first time. He made a "lap" around the unit. ;) He's defintely Feeling better. He is now aware of the need for a transplant and is on the road to acceptance.  ~ Craig

Update Tuesday Morning

Angus has been sitting in the chair for an hour. He's finally comfortable there and saying he is ready to walk with physical therapy. He's also eating...Sweet! Thank you Jesus! Improving everyday : )

Monday, March 11, 2013


First off...Jennifer and I want to thank everyone for all that has been done and all of the offers of help that have come our way. Just so everyone is also aware, we do see the texts and phone calls we just sometimes can't reply or answer. Every call and text is also important to us so thanks again.

Jennifer and I have been kicked out of Angus' room. They are taking all of the chest tubes out right now. Yep!

Thank You All,

Monday Morning Update from Jen

Transplant coordinator just came in. We spoke to Angus about needing a heart transplant and he is scared. I would be too. Very common! He said, "he does not want someone to die." I explained to him that would happen anyway to that person, even if the did not give their organs. We are going to take that conversation slowly! Hopefully 2 chest tubes out today. Second goal is to eat, won't eat anything! Even his favs.
Keep praying and he says to tell everyone thank you.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Night Update from Jen

Angus had a good birthday. I don't think I have seen him that happy in a while. He was not happy that his siblings and family had to leave though. Happy birthday to Angus. What a sucky place to spend a birthday, but we will make it up to him. He does have a fever so visitation is limited again. He said, "thank you for all the gifts, thoughts and prayers."


Happy Birthday to you. 
Happy Birthday to you. 
Happppeeey Burrrth-day dear An-gussssss. Happppeeeey Burrrthday Toooooo 
(wait for it, big finish here) Yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 
We love you buddy!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Angus Standridge Benefit BBQ Chicken Dinner

The GRITS gals are at it again. This was posted on Facebook yesterday and I just wanted to share it with everyone reading the Blogs.


April 6, 10:00am
First Realty of Dunnellon
20668 W.Pennsylvania Ave.
Dunnellon, FL 34430

"Angus Standridge is a 13 year old young man who was recently hospitalized, it became quickly clear to both Angus' physicians  and family that his heart was failing. Angus is recovering from his first surgery (Berlin pump) while he awaits his new heart. Angus is the son of our late beloved friend, Michelle Blauser Standridge. His parents, Craig and Jennifer Standridge have not left his side. Please help us add to their support by purchasing a Chicken Dinner on April 6, 2013 at First Realty of Dunnellon, 10:00 to "when we sell out." Tickets are $10.00 each. If you would like to preorder tickets (so we may get an appropriate head count), please send your payment to Ms. Elaine Blauser Hobbs, 20962 second Ave, Dunnellon, Fl 34431. Also tickets will be sold by Paulette szydlo, Rebecca Duley Gibbs, Andy Stancil, Jessica Markham Shaffer, Valerie Hanchar, Lisa Hamm, and Tiffany Cannon."

View Larger Map
Photo Gallery Updated..... Also, last night this blog went over 10,000 views!

Thank you Nikki & family!

Thank you Nikki & family for you support, prayers and visit. We both appreciate you coming by and talking with us. Your children are adorable! I just want to squeeze all of them with big hugs. : )
He is having trouble coping, but it is still early. I think once his chest tubes are removed and he is in less pain it will be easier for him.

He had a good night...

He had a good night; asked for food and teeth brushed this morning. Will sit in a chair again today.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Update Friday Night

Angus sat in a chair for 45 minutes, against his wishes, but made it through the pain and suffering with some distractions. Doctors say about 2 more days and all the chest tubes may be removed.
He slept most of the afternoon... Worn out!
Thank you every one for your meals, support, prayers and just plain family & friendship!
This was written by Craig not Not!

Update Friday Morning

I am updating on what I know from the evening. Angus is waking up slowly and becoming more aware. He has a multitude of different feelings. Craig had to be a little blunt with him in order for him to cooperate. We have to be tough to get results, so he texted me and asked me to come get him and take him home. No more texts after he did not get the answer he wanted. He did eat 1/4 of a cheeseburger and a sprite. He sat up on the edge of the bed twice and got a new mattress to help his sore bootie : ) We expect him to go through some depression. Please send him an email. He will read them eventually. Thank you for the continued Prayers and support. ~ Jennifer

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The kids were able see Angus

Just a post to let all of you know that Savanna, Flynt, & Seth saw Angus yesterday. They were able to talk to him, touch him and see his Berlin pump. They went home more relieved that he is Ok.

Email address and pop tops

Please save your pop tops for Ronald McDonald house. It helps them raise money. Send them in with whomever, just get them here please. : )

Angus has an email address. Please feel free to send him an email with the understanding it may be awhile for a response.

Thank you sooo much for donating to his lap top. I am grateful for all of you! He is going to be shocked! What a great birthday gift. - Jennifer.

Thank You Page

Added the Thank You page to list the names of all of the folks who donated and included the well wishes they added in the comments section from their PayPal transaction. Please click the tab at the top of this blog that says "Thank You" to open that page.

Angus' Laptop has been ordered!

Because of the generosity of you all, family and friends, the laptop computer for Angus has been ordered! We were even able to add Microsoft Office 365, Accidental Damage Protection, and a Screen Protector to the order. Angus will need the Microsoft Office for school, so that was wonderful. The Accidental Damage Protection will be very useful, since it covers the laptop for any and all accidental damage, theft, etc. The screen protector will help protect the LCD screen from scratches and such that may occur as a result of the current situation in the hospital as well as when Angus is able to go home.

Any further donations as well as the remainder of the current donations will be used in bridging the gap that will likely exist in what Health Insurance does not cover, as well as other expenses that the family may incur that are directly related to Angus' illness. 

Craig, Jennifer, Angus, and their family want to thank you all so much for all you have done, are doing, and will do. Jennifer asked me to tell you all that words can't possibly convey their gratitude.

I got the biggest hug finally - Jennifer

Angus slept the majority of the night, In between necessary nurse interactions. He is his normal sweet & polite self. I got the biggest hug finally. I also told him that everyone wants to be here, but the doctors are being safe so he won't get sicker and he understood. He is able to eat whatever he wishes, but he has a fluid restriction. Guess we went a little crazy on tea : ) believe it or not... My little bacon lover said nothing greasy! Go figure. Please continue to pray.

Sorry for the typo!

Holy cow.. Did not mean to put anus! Gees... Lucy's would be proud. (Lucus down the street has trouble pronouncing his name and that is what he calls him)

Guess what... This ap lets you edit. : ) sorry you missed it

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Updates on your Smart Phone

Download "Google Reader" (free) for your Android phone or Apple iPhone and it let's you put a Widget on your phone desktop to Angus' blog with live updates. Its available on GooglePlay Store for Android and  on iPhone from the Apple Store.

Cards, Food, or Gifts at the Hospital

Just a quick note to family, friends, and loved ones who visit the hospital and bring food, cards, or gifts. If you bring food, please make sure to label it with a sharpie permanent marker or otherwise non-removable markings. If you bring a card or gift, please make sure to put it directly into the hands of Craig or Jennifer. If Craig and Jennifer are not there, please find whichever responsible family member is present at that time and get it directly into their hands. Do not leave cards or gifts in the waiting area, the Ronald McDonald House area, or any other public accessible area. It's unfortunate to have to say this but some things that were brought in never made it to the family.

Many Thanks

Angus is sitting up in bed drinking tea and watching Star Wars. I read him a few of the cards that were sent and he is very appreciative. He misses all his friends at school and believe it or not would like to be there with you rather than here, ok playing video games.
: )

Soon he will have an opportunity to text and email since he is unable to have visitors. When he is stronger and in less pain, so they can sit him up more. We really want him to have contact with his friends so they can lift his spirits.

Words cannot express how grateful we are for everyone that is praying, thinking of us, feeding us, donating, helping with Savanna, Flynt and Seth and just plain being there for moral support, As well as many, many other things...

Just spoke to a sweet lady here. Her baby is here...please pray they go home. They have been here 6 months. She needs to get home to her 2 year old in Georgia.


Angus has gotten his breathing tube out. He got a spa treatment, including hair washing, dressing change and his nurse tuckered him out. He still unable to talk, weak vocal cords. He Is constantly asking for water and has told Beverly, "Jen is capable of taking care of me at home." Lol, I wish that we're true and he could come home with us, I said, "Are you sure you want me to bother you about homework and video games." He just smiled.

Update: Wednesday Afternoon.

Angus slept the majority of the night, In between necessary nurse interactions. He is his normal sweet & polite self. I got the biggest hug finally. I also told him that everyone wants to be here, but the doctors are being safe so he won't get sicker and he understood.
He is able to eat whatever he wishes, but he has a fluid restriction. Guess we went a little crazy on tea : ) believe it or not... My little bacon lover said nothing greesy! Go figure. Please continue to pray.

Overwhelmed with your Kindness!

Craig and Jennifer wanted to let you all know that they are absolutely overwhelmed with all of your kindness, phone calls, emails, and prayers. You all have helped to provide comfort and strength through a very difficult ordeal. The level of personal and spiritual support for Angus and the family really shows what wonderful people you all are.

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." ~ Proust 

Update Wednesday Morning

Angus is getting his breathing tube removed!!!
We are jumping with joy over the progress.

How to Post Comments to this Blog.

People reported having trouble posting comments to the blog posts. The blog was setup to require a login to Google accounts by each person in order to prevent anyone who was just cruising the web for open blogs to make ugly comments on from doing so. But we understand that not everyone uses Google accounts. We just made a change so that anyone at all can make a comment to the blog without any kind of account needed. The only difference is now, when you make your comment, it is sent to one of us for approval before it is posted. We just make sure it's not some random person and click accept and tada, it posts. So please understand your comment may not show immediately. Here are some quick and easy instructions to show you how to comment.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Berlin Heart Information

Interesting Links on the Berlin Heart, the device that is being used to help Angus.

Great article on "Ventricular Assist Devices for Children".

The FDA Approval page for the "Berlin Heart EXCOR® Pediatric Ventricular Assist Device (VAD)".

Update Tuesday Night

Angus looks so much better after his Berlin heart was placed. He is making continued progress. Please continue to pray. We need a heart transplant and him to get off the ventilator support. He is nodding appropriately and asking questions about the device. (Pointing at it and such). We are hoping that the tube in his mouth will be removed tomorrow.

Donations - Anonymous or Otherwise.

The Standridge Family would like to thank all of the friends and family who have made donations by name, but they also understand if some wish to remain anonymous. If you make a donation and wish to remain anonymous, please put a quick note in the comments section on the PayPal payment page such as "Remain Anonymous". We will simply list "Anonymous Donor #1", "Anonymous Donor #2", etc, in the Thank You messages. Since I did not think of this ahead of time... If you have already made donations and wish for it to remain anonymous, please shoot a quick email to and just let Craig W know you want your donation to remain anonymous. We will wait to post the thank you messages until tomorrow night to give time for those folks to put in those requests. No donation amounts will ever be posted to this blog (pennies are just as important as dollars).


Angus has a long road ahead of him as far as recovery time. Likely months and months will go by and he's been an active young man in the past so this will not be easy for him. As some of you know, Angus is a Gamer. Meaning, he absolutely loves PC and console gaming. What we're planning to help him fill some of this time and also keep him entertained and educated, is to get him a really nice Laptop. PC Gaming is pretty demanding as far as hardware goes and it takes a fairly powerful laptop to run any of today's games. So to meet those demands as well as take into account portability and longevity, Angus's uncle Craig W has selected an Alienware M14x Laptop with a few upgrade options. This laptop is highly recognized as one of the best gaming laptops available. The M14x has got a slightly smaller screen and is more portable than the 17 inch version. The 17 inch version is a whole lot larger in size, weight, and power consumption. This laptop costs $1900.00 plus shipping (amount updated). For anyone that is interested in contributing, please see the button on the upper right section of this blog. If you click that button, you can make a donation toward this goal. You can donate via PayPal account, or if you don't have a PayPal account you can donate via Credit/Debit card. Anything donated over the amount of the cost of the laptop will be used to bridge the gap that will likely exist in what Health Insurance does not cover as well as other expenses that the family may incur that are directly related to Angus' illness. Note please that the Paypal reciept email will not have Angus's name on it because you have to be 18 years of age. It will have Angus's uncle Craig W's name as the recipient.

M14x Laptop, customized with an Alien Nameplate bearing Angus's name, and an Alienware Tactical Backpack.

Standridge Family Meal Help

For anyone that wants to help out by providing a prepared meal to the Standridge Family so that they can focus on attending to Angus. Tricia Horton has created a meal planner/calendar on to help coordinate this effort. Click Here to access that calendar. The link will also be permanently available in the menu bar to the right of this blog under "Help with Standridge Family Meals".

It looks like this...

Angus is out of Surgery :)

 All, 4 tubes of the Berlin are placed into the heart and Angus is off heart bypass. He has done very well through the surgery. His color is coming back and he is back in his room in the ICU. Your prayers are reaching him and he and his family thank you for your continued support and kindness.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Update: Surgery Scheduled for Midnight.

Updated info. The Surgeon says they are now going to perform the surgery to connect the Berlin Heart at Midnight EST.

Update: Monday Night.

 Thank you for all so much for all your of your posts, emails, blessings, and prayers. Angus is very sick and his heart is failing. This is not due to strep (Streptococcal pharyngitis) as was initially suspected. It has apparently been going on for a while. Angus will be having heart surgery tomorrow at Shands Hospital in Gainesville to attach a heart pump called a Berlin Heart. The Berlin Heart is a "Ventricular Assist Device" (VAD). It supports the work of your heart and helps to ensure blood is able to be pumped around the body effectively. This will pump blood through Angus' heart and body and keep his organs healthy until he receives a heart transplant. After the surgery to connect the VAD he will be awake, alert, able to play on the laptop, and talk but confined to the hospital until he is feeling better. Please continue to pray for Angus.

Blog4Angus Created for Easily Accessible Updates...

This blog was created as a centralized place for everyone to get updates on Angus' status rather than Facebook or other social media. Sometimes updates on Facebook do not show correctly or at all and people were missing them. Stay tuned here for updates.
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