Thank You!

Thank you so much to all of the wonderful people who donated! Some of you put comments with your donation so we have included them after your names. (Note: List is simply in order by donation date) Also, any phone numbers or addresses included in the PayPal comments section will be omitted here for safety and privacy purposes.

The Wainwright Family "We love you Angus!"
Harold and Meg Standridge
George Vazoulas
Nicholas Jones
Cheri Futch
Teresa A Mills
Shannon Follett
Terri Stodghill
Pamela Drew
Leslie Priest "Logan and I are Praying for you and the whole family! May god grant you a very speedy recovery"
Jessica Mikell
Emily Seeley
Bobby Terri Latner
Amy Schade
Will & Ashley Cannon "Praying for Angus and your family"
Nicholas Hamilton - Wants to play World of Warcraft with Angus. Craig W will get realm info to him.
Robert and Brenda Philpot
Dennis-kim Cronmiller "Be Blessed, our prayers are with you. We hope this helps with the computer"
Traci Banta
James Banta
Anonymous#1 "Praying for your family"
Carol Glass
James Davis
Paulette Szydlo
Fire Rescue Support, Inc. "Praying for you, Chaplain Joe. LaCognota Fire Rescue Support"
Kay Craig "There is something about boys and their games. Enjoy, sweet Angus! With Love, Lori & Todd Craig"
Julie Ramsey "Get better soon Angus! Best Wishes!"
Wendy Pollock "You are in our thoughts and prayers. I hope that this will help bring Angus some fun during this very difficult time. With love, Wendy (Roof) Pollock and Ken Pollock"
Carol Willard
Nicholas Thelen
Wendy Parrish "Praying for you and your family. from Wendy and Keith Parrish (friends of Nikki Smith)"
David Hobbs
Lindsay Brandlein
Stephen Standridge
Sandra Arbour
Chris Reynolds
Rebecca Hawthorne
Alyssa Chappell
Becky Nicolls
A Sawyer's Wife
Rebecca Smith "Hang in there Angus... You're in my prayers"
Diane Price
Kelly Morgan "Wishing you the best! Praying for you and your family - Kelly, Evan and Lillian Morgan"
Patricia A Coleman
Mary Moody "Love Tim, Mary, and Doodle"
Robert Kocsis
Shadrach Evans JR
Nadja Griffis "Keeping you all in my prayers"
Tammy Raulerson
Christopher Ulry "My family and I are praying for you. If you need anything let me know."
Theodore Blauser
Dixie Howell "Get well soon! Bubba & Dixie Howell"
Lana Johnson
Williston Methodist Church/Debbie Wright
Eleanor and 4West/Shands SICU
Anneil Gosnell "We love you Angus & are praying for you to get better real soon!"
Ronald Stafford
Devyn Chorvat
Fancy Nails & Spa
Tazzie Harrison
Stephen Purves
Kathleen Becker
Nelson Irizarry
Becky Nicolls
Johnny Rigney
Chad Osburn
Jeffrey H Roach
Nancy Robinson
Nikole Wilson
Shannon Follett +Kylee & Friends
Mary J Casson
Joan Schwartz
Kelly Schwartz
Gudrun Wendland

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much everyone for all your generosity, words can not express the thanks in our hearts and souls for all of you, your kindness means so much and Angus will be overjoyed.


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