Helper Heroes

We wanted to make sure to also say thanks to the kind folks who have dedicated their time, made dinners, babysat, carted the kids around, and been a big help in general.  Ok, so they're not babies... I typed that then I changed it Savanna!

Alfredo Mimbs
Tricia Horton
Stacy, Sophie, & Lucy
Stephanie Hall
Eleanor and 4west/Shands SICU
Tricia Horton
Alyssa and Scott Chappel
Leigh Ann Young
Aunt Betsy Dye Brigman
Dawn Wilkes
JD for the connection to the FD for me lunch menus.
Everyone from the Gainesville Fire Department for all of their contributions.
All of the local IAFF members, McFOOLS, and everyone who has just taken a moment to care.
The Staff and Doctors of Shands and UF for all they have done and all they have left to do.
Berlin Heart and the people who made everything come together to make sure that we are able to spend these days and all days to come with our boy Angus.
Connection group at Community Church
The Dull Family and Holly Mallory for all their help with the kids lunch accounts.
Bill and Bobbie Dye - For numerous things/reasons... ;)

Craig, Jennifer, Angus and the rest of the family want to also say they can't possibly forget about all of the folks that have sacrificed so much just to try to make things easier on them. It has been overwhelming for them to see all of the love adn support that has come Angus's way.

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