Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday morning

Good morning/afternoon. late blog, but Angus and I slept in (well deserved). He woke up for a little walk, sat in the chair for an hour,  then got a spa treatment. Gotta love a nurse. Still very little appetite. Please pray that his appetite picks up.
Thanks, Jen


  1. What would he like....can I cook something? Austin says....if anybody is sick or hurting....Mama starts cooking!!! I will cook and drive to G'ville.
    Aunt Sandy

  2. Such good news. I so appreciate these blogs. Thank you so much Craig W. for setting this up. Jen do they have a roll away for you all to use at nite? I know chair sleeping gets old in a hurry.
    We are so blessed with these daily improvements of Angus condition. God bless the Shands team taking care of him. God bless you, Craig, Savanna, Flynt & Seth for your sacrifices for Angus.

    Love you, Miggie

  3. I 2nd that. I really appreciate the updates. Although I don't personally know Angus (went to school with Jen), I pray for him all the time & get on here daily just to see how he's doing. Praying for continued improvement! Thanks again.
    Tracy Potwin:)

  4. YW. I have to do something to keep the word out about my awesome nephew. ;)


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