Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Many Thanks

Angus is sitting up in bed drinking tea and watching Star Wars. I read him a few of the cards that were sent and he is very appreciative. He misses all his friends at school and believe it or not would like to be there with you rather than here, ok playing video games.
: )

Soon he will have an opportunity to text and email since he is unable to have visitors. When he is stronger and in less pain, so they can sit him up more. We really want him to have contact with his friends so they can lift his spirits.

Words cannot express how grateful we are for everyone that is praying, thinking of us, feeding us, donating, helping with Savanna, Flynt and Seth and just plain being there for moral support, As well as many, many other things...

Just spoke to a sweet lady here. Her baby is here...please pray they go home. They have been here 6 months. She needs to get home to her 2 year old in Georgia.


  1. Wonderful update. Thank you for sharing,
    so glad he can now commuicate with you and know it means so much to him and you two also. Sending him my love& to you and Craig.

  2. This brought Happy Tears to my eyes Jennifer. It brings job to my heart knowing knowing he is up doing the things he loves and being the fun loving jokster he is. Please give him all our love from Aunt Jeanie, Danny and the boys. What I wouldn't give for him to give me one of his wonderful hugs right now. All my love to you and Craig too. Stay strong and know that I am here for you to do WHATEVER you need!


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