Sunday, March 24, 2013

Alienware Laptop Computer is here!

Guess who just had the best present ever!!!! Yep, Angus got his computer and he is so excited . Thank you everyone! Cassie, (nurse) said his facial expression was priceless. (Click photos below to enlarge).

He walked 3 times today and Jen made him do bicep curls with the cardiac monitor because he said he was weak. : )


  1. WOOHOO!!!!!!!! So very exciting!!! Look at the wonderful smile on his face, that is very happy for Angus and the family. God Bless...

  2. Woo hoo! That's awesome, Angus! You just said today that you really wanted a "strong computer"! You sure are one loved kid!

  3. Rock on! Really, HUUUUGE thanks to everyone who helped out with Angus' laptop via dontations. It is one of the nicest laptops I've ever seen. He was so excited. I only wish each and every one of you could have been there to see his face. He just kept saying how much he loved everyone and how happy he was for the Alienware Laptop. I would also like to thank Jen and Craig for asking me to present it to him. It was truly an honor for me. I also added a pack of great games and software on behalf of all the folks who chipped in. What a wonderful group of people you are! Still giving so much time and help, to make things so much smoother and more tolerable for Angus, Craig, Jen, and their family. You people have a lot of heart. Now let's work on getting one for Angus!

  4. That is just awesome!!!!!!!!! So glad to see that smile. I hope you enjoy your computer Angus.

    Tammy Logue

  5. What a beautiful smiling happy face. So good to see. Angus I can tell you are so excited about this laptop. People are so good aren't they son? I, his Miggie, would like to also thank everyone who helped this become a reality. As you can see from the pictures your gift was so greatly appreciated by Angus.

  6. SO So So happy to see God moving in All of your lives.... What an awesome laptop!!!!! Enjoy and thanks for the updates!!!

  7. So glad he finally has the computer. The smiles says a million words. Its amazing what little things can make our little ones happy. Knowing this is going to help pass the time; I cannot imagine how excited he must have been. I was so glad to see his smiling face. He looks so great! !!

  8. Thanks for posting the photos. Angus is a trooper and it is so good to see his smile. We continue to pray for all of you.

    1. Thanks!

      Also... Folks, if you can put your name at the end of Anonymous posts, we'll know who you are. ;)


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