Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Morning Update from Jen

Transplant coordinator just came in. We spoke to Angus about needing a heart transplant and he is scared. I would be too. Very common! He said, "he does not want someone to die." I explained to him that would happen anyway to that person, even if the did not give their organs. We are going to take that conversation slowly! Hopefully 2 chest tubes out today. Second goal is to eat, won't eat anything! Even his favs.
Keep praying and he says to tell everyone thank you.


  1. Tell him I'm still thinking about him and praying for him.

    The students in his 4th period asked, "If he gets a new heart, is he going to love differently?"
    (meaning new heart - new feelings)
    I explained that even though we equate the heart with love like Valentines day and "I Love you", that those feelings come from the brain. It was kind of a funny conversation because then the students wanted to know if someone could have a brain transplant.

    They were told that even though it would be a very weird feeling that Angus is going to get a heart that belonged to someone else, he'd still be the same Angus, only healthier. And I explained to them that sometimes if a person were in a car accident, and aren't going to live, their family gives that person's healthy heart away to somewone else who needs it to live. It makes the family a little less sad knowing that their loved one helped someeone else. It is a bittersweet thing.

    They were very solemn.
    Many of them sent an email message to him through my account.
    One girl even said to tell him, "I'd give you my heart if I could." (Sniff sniff from me about these tenderhearted students.)
    Hope to visit you all soon.
    Mrs. Warren

  2. Please let him know the Radacky family from Williston is praying for him. Mrs. Minnie Radacky was a very dear friend to his grandmother Ritch. Mike & Kathy

  3. Good Monday morning,
    Sounds like you guys PARTY-ED over the weekend..Happy Birthday Angus..I agree.Not a great place for a party..but, LOOK OUT next year!!
    You take care and try to be a good patient...
    Love and Prayers,
    Aunt Sandy
    Craig and you/prayers

  4. We are all praying for Angus and your family Jen. I know Angus is scared but I read a note on a lifelink that I think sums it up: "Organ donation represents the deepest form of generosity. It allows hope to spring from tragedy, and life to grow from death." The blog is real life stories and may be helpful to ease the worries Angus has.

    Vanessa Fayo

  5. Great Post Vanessa!!
    I can definitely say that I was not an organ donor but I will be now. If I am going to heaven I will not be needing to take my organs with me and would be blessed knowing I can make someone else's life amazing.

    Angus mean Extraordinarily Strong and I know he is and I also know that he has the sweetest and biggest heart of any 13 year old child. He is also extraordinarily amazing. I love you sweet heart. Thinking of you all the time and praying for you as well as your mom, dad and brother and sisters. I love you!!!


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