Thursday, March 7, 2013

I got the biggest hug finally - Jennifer

Angus slept the majority of the night, In between necessary nurse interactions. He is his normal sweet & polite self. I got the biggest hug finally. I also told him that everyone wants to be here, but the doctors are being safe so he won't get sicker and he understood. He is able to eat whatever he wishes, but he has a fluid restriction. Guess we went a little crazy on tea : ) believe it or not... My little bacon lover said nothing greasy! Go figure. Please continue to pray.


  1. Good morning....I am so glad to see this blog...they are wonderful thing. We are praying and praying. You all know that we love you...
    Love and Prayers,
    Aunt Sandy

  2. Please tell Angus that his classmates ask about him every day. They are very curious about his Berlin heart. When he is able and willing, if you could post a picture that might alleviate some of their concerns. But we also know that he may NEVER want that!!! I understand completely.

    My family and I are continually thinking and praying for Angus and you all. He has been put on our prayer list at our church, the prayer wall at school, and has many, many people lifting him up. Next week my husband and I would like to stop by and see how you all are.

    Tell Angus that I miss him too - Mrs. Warren


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