Saturday, April 27, 2013

Up and walking

First walk since transplant.


  1. Way to Go, Angus! Some kids made you cards. They're coming your way soon! Mrs. Warren

  2. Hey young man, You don't know me, but my wife and go to church with some of your kin folk. We're praying for you!!!

  3. Very Awesome, glad things are progressing so well. Keeping Angus and the family in our prayers.

    The Damien's

  4. Sorry, I have been off the air for several days, Mama Dot in hospital and now moved to rehab.
    Angus, you are one good looking guy!!!! Keep up the good work, we are still praying and we love you.
    Aunt Sandy too rest of the family!!!

  5. Way to go Angus. Keep up the good work.
    Love Uncle Rod and Aunt Kathy

  6. Way to go Angus. We are so glad you are getting well

    Dave,Karen and Buddy


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