Friday, April 12, 2013


I sat today with Angus and realized how much patience home school parents have. Gees! I had to almost threaten to take all his fun things away in his room. I started with his phone, then his play station remotes, moving onto iPad and I said boy... Do you not get it? Do it or you won't have TV or computer either AND you will still be repeating 7th grade... AND this time it will be with your sister! He sat up and bed and got busy, but God bless him... First day back and he had easy English, math and then a test in science that reminded me of dreadful physics... ! In the end... He was able to keep it allHe then said, "Jen your making me do school on Saturday"? And I said, " you just ha a month of Saturdays, time to make up. " it is our job to teach responsibility whatever the get her done!!!


  1. Tell Angus if he needs help with anything, I'd be happy to help him. :) Only 8 more weeks Angus then you'll be finished with 7th grade!!!!! Mrs. Warren

  2. Jen...that is a hard lesson to teach to kids who are NOT facing what Angus prayers are with you guys......teach um' to get'r you all
    Aunt Sandy


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