Thursday, April 25, 2013


Oh lord please bless me and my family... we now have two in puberty and one of those is on steroids!!! Lord, I only thought we had mood swings. ok...
I can tolerate it, you did allow us to keep him! Please give us strength though and help us remember, this too shall pass.

He is eating very well...still painful, but not detouring him.

Please continue to pray. There are also several more I would like to add to the prayer list, ok +many more.... (3 that are in need for the perfect heart).
God we know you are good and you have a plan, please help us to gain strength and understanding from your plan. Point us in the direction you need us to go with this message or maybe you have bound us closer together.
Thank you God for what you have done for us, given to us in Jesus and what you will continue to give! Amen

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