Tuesday, April 9, 2013

4-09-13 Nutrition, Necklaces, & Jewelry...

Ok... We are going to try and get Angus on a normal eating routine. His nutrition is not the best and so we are going back to the old tough mom and dad. He can only have a soft drink with his NORMAL meals. (They only get it at home for a treat) ...I know what all of you are thinking and its okay. My concern is how he will convert to taking care of his heart after his transplant if we are pushing the terrible stuff on him now. TRUTH...we know that we are all at risk for coronary artery disease; well..Angus is at a higher risk. We ALL would like to see him be healthy. Which means I am also having to play the nurse role. Angus and I have discussed this and although he is scared...he now knows why I am being "difficult" (his words) because I love him.

He does need protein for healing and calcium from bone strength, he cannot have spinach or kale right now because of the vitamin K, the reversal to all the blood thinners...we want his blood thin. So, he likes the chocolate smoothie from Tropical smoothie, I put whey protein and a multi-vitamin in it too. It tastes yummy and the dietician loves that he likes them.

Off my soap box now! Pics of the necklace presentation...Thank you again Gary and Michelle for them. Praying for your families as well.

Praying for a heart in Gods time.

I have a friend that is willing to do a fundraiser..selling Premier jewelry. If anyone is interest, please let me know. There is a catalog online.

(Click Photos to Enlarge...)

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