Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekly Plan...

Plan for the week: Craig, Angus and I will received discharge planning. Unsure of the day! Our hope is after the biopsy...Thursday at the earliest.

He is supposed to have a heart cath on Wednesday, May 8th. At that time, they will do a biopsy and take out his pacer wires. Many of you have asked about how the biopsy is done. They will either go in through the groin or neck and take a small grasping device (pincher) to obtain a small piece of the heart muscle tissue. What they are looking for is rejection. He is doing fantastic. His atrial pacer has kicked in and his new heart is doing the work on its own. His heart rate is regular and he has not had any fevers or any other signs of rejection.

Signs of rejection for all of you that Angus stays with: fatigue, irritability, shortness of breath, fast heart rate (his heart rate will normally be higher since he has been transplanted 80-90 resting), irregular heartbeat, poor eating, decreased appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever. We will pray to hopefully never see any of these symptoms, but reality is that eventually he will get sick. We all do...good thing I have OCD! : ) You think I WAS about now. lol

Pay back picture time....

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